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Look good; do good; feel good.  By purchasing a scarf you are promoting a sustainable business model which enables individual women in Africa the ability to support themselves.  fashionABLE is a non-profit started to help these women escape lives of poverty and often prostitution.  Profits are used to rehabilitate new women from desperate circumstances, provide job training, and ultimately to enable these women support themselves and their families in a dignified way.  

Each scarf has a tag pinned to it which carries a hand-written note from the individual woman who crafted your scarf.  She tells you how your support enables her, from the ability to send her children to school or as Dember indicates above, to “feel dignity in my work.”  Each scarf is named for the women who produces it.  My personal favorite, in design, is the Dember (pictured above).

Find the design right for you and help support this amazing organization.  Shop and learn more here.

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